Artistic Research

Conspiratorial Mythologies

In times of post-truth, fake news and misinformation, it is increasingly challenging to discern fiction from reality. Conspiratorial Mythologies proposes alternative means to disseminating and deciphering conspiracy theories; likening their narratives to ancient Greek myths, as tragedies, rites, celebrations and crafts become the instruments through which their stories are being told.


Will we, as humans, be able to set boundaries when it comes to vanity traits and aesthetic modifications?

Sitting is not a Problem

Sitting is not a Problem is an immersive performance installation that invites the audience to enter the room in which decisions on what is of importance in surveillance footage are made.


A musical performance inpired by a conversation with a chatbot… about love. Using a combination of analogue and electronic instruments to create an experience in which the boundaries between human and machine are blurred.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

This street performance explores the possibility of quantifying the symbolic value of cent coins by destroying them and re-selling them to it’s original owners.

A Kilogram of Feathers

This opera examines the trauma present in the International Criminal Court and reveals the tragedy inherent in its existence as a global institution. This is enacted through a chronological dissection of the ICC, from it’s conception through the signing of the Rome Statute to it’s ongoing critique from the international community.

When the Time Comes

When the Time Comes reflects on the notion of the body by imagining the possibility of a sudden disappearance of edges. Will the need for survival overrule our need for individuality?